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Cambridge IELTS 14 With Audio
Cuốn số 14 trong Bộ đề thi IELTS chính thức của Cambridge, cơ quan soạn thảo và sở hữu bài thi IELTS. Các bộ đề còn lại đều đã được cập nhật trên minh.edu.vn. Các đề thi này đều trải qua quá trình biên soạn, kiểm soát chất lượng, kiểm thử và thống kê đánh […]
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Art & Design: Teacher’s Book
Sách giáo viên này có chứa đáp án và lời thoại của bài nghe trong Student’s Book. Click “READ MORE” to see the download link at the end. Click vào “READ MORE” để đọc tiếp và theo link download ở cuối bài. Facebook Comments
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Achieve IELTS Practice Test Book
Bộ đề này gồm 4 đề IELTS mô phỏng bài thi thực tế. Hai tác giả Anthea Bazin và Alaine Boyd đều là người có kinh nghiệm lâu năm viết đề thi thật cho Cambridge. Click “READ MORE” to see the download link at the end. Click vào “READ MORE” để đọc tiếp và theo […]
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John Williams
Much of what students learn from their greatest teachers is not detailed on a syllabus. Teachers who help us grow as people are responsible for imparting some of life’s most important lessons.Teachers are founts of experience. They have already been where their students are going, undergone what they will go through and are in a position to pass along lessons, not only regarding subject matter, but lessons on life.English teacher has more responsibilities than any other teacher because of the required language skills to carry forward instruction and learning in other subjects. It has become normal now for an English teacher to be aware of the various methods and theories of English Language Teaching. By manipulating different methods and approaches in a class room, the teacher can make the learners to develop the language skills easily and comfortably.
Doãn Minh Mão
Academic Director
My CV in 2019 can be viewed here.
Thuong Thao Nguyen
Teaching is rewarding, and working with students is always a great joy. Each student has a different learning style, different motivation, and various other personal characteristics. The teacher’s job, I believe is not to see them as a whole, as we often label “class”, but is to see them as individuals, on only which base the teacher can see a student’s potentials and work out how to realize them. Dạy học mang lại cho tôi hạnh phúc, bên học sinh lúc nào tôi cũng thấy vui. Mỗi bạn có một phong cách học khác nhau, có động lực khác nhau, và rất nhiều những điểm riêng khác. Tôi nghĩ nghề của giáo viên là không được coi các em như một tập hợp, mà chúng ta vẫn gọi là "lớp", mà phải coi các em là những cá nhân, riêng biệt. Chỉ như vậy mới nhìn ra tiềm năng ở mỗi học sinh, và tìm được ra cách biến tiềm năng thành khả năng thực sự.
Alex Trevor
Head Teacher
It is the teacher who acts as facilitator, resource person and language model for the second- language classroom. If developing units, the teacher needs to predict the possible needs of the students and have communicative language activities readily available to meet these needs. The activities should be designed so that the students experience a high degree of success. Teachers will also experience greater success when activities are planned around the students' interests and take into account subjects that they have some knowledge about. The classroom becomes student-centred rather than teacher-centred; the students do most of the talking and the role of the teacher is to facilitate, advise, assist and offer direction. As the students most often work in small groups the teacher will observe the activities, noting problem areas for future work. During these activities, the teacher will interrupt to correct students only if the errors are so serious as to block communication. The role of the Core French teacher in the classroom has traditionally been to convey knowledge. As the teacher moves toward being a facilitator of language learning, the students acquire skills that will enable them to be independent language learners. The teacher is also instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment within the class. Students who feel safe and secure are much more willing to practise a second language. A healthy classroom climate promotes risk-taking and allows the students to experiment. Positive experiences in the classroom lead to an excellent attitude toward language and culture.

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