General English Elementary

General English Elementary

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Our General English Elementary courses are designed to help you learn and use elementary English, equivalent to A1-A2 level on the CEFR.

We follow an essentially functional approach to language instruction, teaching you to master the most basic language functions in daily communication contexts. The courses have clear objectives and your progress is closely monitored, helping you achieve your goals. Our supportive teachers at Minh Education will give you all the help you need to improve all your language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Nỗ lực và tin tưởng.

Mình muốn nhắn các bạn thế này. Tiếng anh không khó, điều thật sự khó đó chính là làm sao chiến thắng được tư tưởng học Tiếng Anh rất khó. Minh Education đã giúp mình yêu thích Tiếng Anh.I want to tell you this, friends. English is not that difficult to learn. The really difficult thing is how to remove the thought that it is difficult. Minh Education makes learning English inspiring.
Long Nguyen  (Dinh Tea Vietnam)


  • learn to construct and use natural collocations, phrases and simple sentences.
  • gain confidence in your speaking and listening.
  • easily learn a thousand new words in a month with our expertise in applying advances in neuroscience and psychology.
  • be taught by Minh Education's highly qualified and experienced teachers.
  • meet and make new friends in our great community.
  • learn to pronounce English naturally and confidently with Minh Education's experts in phonetics and language acquisition.
  • learn the essential language functions and how to apply them appropriately.
  • see how fun learning English grammar can be.
  • learn to develop good habits and say goodbye to bad ones.
  • learn to love English and love learning.
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