Alex Trevor

Alex Trevor
Head Teacher

It is the teacher who acts as facilitator, resource person and language model for the second- language classroom. If developing units, the teacher needs to predict the possible needs of the students and have communicative language activities readily available to meet these needs. The activities should be designed so that the students experience a high degree of success. Teachers will also experience greater success when activities are planned around the students' interests and take into account subjects that they have some knowledge about.

The classroom becomes student-centred rather than teacher-centred; the students do most of the talking and the role of the teacher is to facilitate, advise, assist and offer direction. As the students most often work in small groups the teacher will observe the activities, noting problem areas for future work. During these activities, the teacher will interrupt to correct students only if the errors are so serious as to block communication. The role of the Core French teacher in the classroom has traditionally been to convey knowledge. As the teacher moves toward being a facilitator of language learning, the students acquire skills that will enable them to be independent language learners.

The teacher is also instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment within the class. Students who feel safe and secure are much more willing to practise a second language. A healthy classroom climate promotes risk-taking and allows the students to experiment. Positive experiences in the classroom lead to an excellent attitude toward language and culture.



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